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ZABIR SAEED INSTITUTE OF MEDIA STUDIES is established in the name of ZABIR SAEED BADAR who is renowned as media strategist, public relations practitioner, communication educationist, research scholar and a writer of dozen of books in the fields of Journalism, Mass Communication, Pubic 

Relations, History and Current Affairs. The author is the son of the well known journalist poet and writer Saeed Badar and he is also the grandson of the celebrated punjabi poet and Religious scholar Hakeem Muhammad Yaqub Munir Azeemi.
He is also known for his articles, columns, features, children stories and won many awards as best feature writer.
He actively participated in various literary activities and he is the president of the South Asian Literary Forum (SALF). Now- a- days he is associated with the largest media group of Pakistan the JANG GROUP. He is also delivering lectures in Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab, and many other leading universities as a senior visiting professor.